Last Saturday, me and my fantastic soccer team went to a soccer game in Leromy, Wyoming! We won 1-0 and I even got my first header! It was awesome!


My weekend at the Vail Tournament

In a earlier post you may have read I said that my soccer team and I were going to a tournament in Vail this weekend for a soccer tournament. Well, the games are over and here are the stats: 1st game: 2-1 opposite team, 2nd game: 2-1 opposite team, and my favorite the 3rd game: 2-0 US!!!!! YAY!!! But there was a disappointment about it, just one! We made it to the finals. You might be thinking “that’s not so bad”! Well, it wasn’t, it was the news about it. The coach said they were combining the U-13 brackets so that did not leave even a tiny chance of us getting in. Oh, about the second game, The reffing was horrible and the U-13 team was not going for the ball at all… They were going for us. Well, that was my weekend. Comment or follow me for more news on my. Next. Big. Game. :):)

Wish me luck

This weekend me and my soccer team are going to vale for a soccer tournament. We are a U12 team and we are going up against U13 it is going to be a hard game but I think we can do it. Comment if you think my team can win!

The soccer week

On Saturday a couple days ago I played in Littleton. We won 4-0. I scored a AMAZING goal when the keeper “fell asleep.” I also made an assist on a goal. If you don’t know what an assist is, it is where you pass to a player and they score from that pass.

Intramural soccer

I signed up for a soccer meet after school.  You might have heard of it but it is called Intramural soccer. I am on a team with some good friends of mine. We start playing on the 15th and I am happy that I am playing because I love soccer and it is just another addition to my soccer world. I cant wait to start.

Soccer time

In soccer I play for a competitive soccer team named the Broomfield Blades and on one sunday during a plane ride a Player on the red team for the age of 15 died in a plane crash. At a soccer game in the mountains my team and the opposing team took a moment of silence for this player. His name was Mason. My team wore the number 19 in honor of him and his soccer number. During the moment of silence I could hear what what was going on in the crash in my head. It sounded like it was a tragic crash and it also sounded like they crashed in the mountains somewhere. I could hear laughter and crying. It was a sad moment for me. But I soon found out that when a soccer player dies he can make it to every soccer game. I found that out because we played different and I felt different. That is how I know soccer players always live.